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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

happy mothers day to my sister

Happy Mothers Day to My Sister:  I was always so protective, and I wanted you to be exactly like me. But I realize, you are your personality, rather you have changed me. I am your sister because of you and being your sister made me complete I am today. I love you so much.

When you were born, your tiny hands were holding my finger and your eyes were sparkling and on that day you have given my life a new purpose. I love you so much. You are my guiding light. Happy mother day to my sister.
Very happy mothers day to my sister
happy mothers day to my sister

Very happy mothers day to my sister

With you around, I can quickly overcome even the hardest of misfortunes. You are my strength. I am very lucky to have you dear. Your Bro loves you, happy mother day to my lovely Sister.

Being a single sister was tough, but you have always given me strength and motivation. I love you so much.
You are not only my SIS, but also my cute princess, and my life revolves around you. I guess my life is a fairy tale.

I don’t know what good I have done in this world that God has blessed me with such a beautiful and smart sister. Your brother loves you so much.

A Sister is a blessing from the God himself, Happy MOM day to my Sister.

Mother Day Quotes for sister
Mother Day Quotes for sister

You have always been a source of joy for me and seeing you smile and contended with your life always been my wish, Thank you sister.

I had always believed you had those leadership qualities in you because you were great at convincing your younger siblings to do things even better than me.

Thank you for giving such a big surprise to me. I had this wish in my heart that we celebrate Mother Day 2017 together and you make my wish come true. Your presence for me is more than any present in this world.

Aspirin is not the cure for all my headaches, but warm hugs from a loving sister like you are. I love you.

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